• Kaveri Sequeira

    Thanks so much Meg. I appreciate your help and feedback so much. You really have helped me a lot. I want to write another book so hopefully you can help me again. Cheers!

  • Mario Bekes

    Meg thank you so much for this, I truly appreciate it. I've gone through the book and very happy. I am so thankful of your assistance. You are truly amazing operator and person!

  • Zhiling Gao

    Hi Meg, I am very happy with your great editing. I really appreciate your fine editing and work style. Thank you kindly. It’s great to work with you.

  • Saffire Rose-Fletcher

    Thankyou very much Meg! I’m very grateful – I value you and your contribution. It didn’t go unnoticed.

  • Janelle Ryan

    Meg Hellyer, the super-editor!  Thank you for truly taking the time to get to know me and my book. Thank you for your insightful suggestions and your extraordinary proofreading skills! Also for your patience with a first-time author. I could…

  • Pamela Coutts

    Thanks for your terrific work and for smoothing out the rough edges. You are a wonderful editor and your advice is sacred to me. A real pleasure to have worked with you.

  • Jan Dale

    Thanks to Busybird Publishing and my invaluable editor Meg Hellyer. My manuscript is so much better since you’ve been involved.

  • Tania Neskovic

    Thank you Meg for your work on my manuscript. It has taken a lot of time for me to be ready to totally share my story. It is lovely to hear positive feedback. The manuscript now comes across as more…

  • The Australia Times

    I’ve been enlisting Meg’s assistance for the last few years; for editing, copywriting and proofreading. Meg provides a top quality and timely service, she cares for a great end product, the care in what she does makes a big difference.…

  • Sandra Fitzgerald

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with Meg through two full length manuscripts, and both times I have found her to be patient and tactful, but most importantly, honest. Meg is very supportive and always available for discussion. She made…