• Gavin Green

    Hi Meg, I am writing to you on behalf of my father who wants to establish a website platform for public access to his science research concerning cosmology. And as you are the liebe meisterin for the gully news web space I was wondering if you could provide some input as to how this can be established and maintained. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Gavin.

    Ps. I think we were introduced to each other at the gully news annual soiree last May…

    • Meg

      Hello Gavin. Sorry for the late reply – how are you?

      That is exciting about your father’s work – and such an interesting field, cosmology.
      (Have you ever been to the Mount Burnett Observatory out near Gembrook?)

      In terms of setting up a website, WordPress is a good place to start –
      It is quite easy to use and provides templates for setting up a website.
      But if you need any pointers, give me a yell – I’d be happy to help.

      Thanks again, and hope you’re well.

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