• Christina Alia

    Meg has been an absolute wonder. I cannot speak more highly of how professional and effective her work has been. She didn’t just edit – she dove deep into the storyline and went above and beyond to help me out.…

  • Udit Dua

    I don’t say this enough, but I am grateful to you for continuing to help me improve my writing skills. Thank you Meg.

  • Daniel Rosemond

    To my editor, Meg Hellyer. Your skill and tact pushed me to work past the tendency to resist change to a deeply personal work. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help. I truly could not have done it (properly)…

  • Busybird Publishing

    Meg is one of our best editors. She is talented and measured and conscientious. You're in good hands with Meg.

  • Limelight Publishing

    Limelight is thrilled to have Meg join our team as an experienced, highly sought-after editor. 

  • Shaun Allen

    Hi Meg, Thanks for your help with this. You’ve given me some great advice I can apply to my future writing.

  • Tijana Trifunovich

    Thanks Meg, You always boost things exactly where they need help 🙂

  • Kaveri Sequeira

    Thanks so much Meg. I appreciate your help and feedback so much. You really have helped me a lot. I want to write another book so hopefully you can help me again. Cheers!

  • Mario Bekes

    Meg thank you so much for this, I truly appreciate it. I've gone through the book and very happy. I am so thankful of your assistance. You are truly amazing operator and person!

  • Zhiling Gao

    Hi Meg, I am very happy with your great editing. I really appreciate your fine editing and work style. Thank you kindly. It’s great to work with you.