My name is Meg, and I write.

Sounds like an AA confessional, doesn’t it? But it is true.

This blog, I hope, shall be a place into which I can pour all my jottings and musings.

It is National Young Writers’ Month this month, and one of my writing goals (one I’d actually been contemplating even since before June), was that I would set up, and maintain, a writing blog. NYWM seems as good a time as any to start 🙂

To my horror, though, I realised yesterday that NYWM was already halfway through, and that I still really hadn’t even started to come close to reaching any of the goals I’d set myself! So this is me pulling my socks up!

This blog, I hope, will keep me on the straight and narrow, and help me achieve the following:

  1. Start and maintain a writing blog.
  2. Submit, submit, submit more!
  3. Wake up earlier in order to write.
  4. Procrastinate less! (I know it won’t happen) -but still! Paralysis by analysis!
  5. Aim to find a writing-related job.

Words are what have always kept me up at night, and the thing that gets me up in the morning. For as long as I can remember, writing has felt as natural as breathing. I’d staple pieces of paper together into book-form as a kid; I’d infuriate my parents by asking every few minutes what a new word meant, and I absolutely hated when teachers would set word limits in creative writing, as I could never manage to keep to it.

I don’t know who I am without a pen in hand.

I hope to share my writing misadventures through this blog, as I come to grips with the big, wide world.

And if I can achieve some more of those writing goals in the process, then I’ll be pretty happy with that. 🙂


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