Future Directions for Koolunga Native Reserve

Article originally published in Ferntree Gully News.

The creek at Koolunga Reserve. Photo: Meg Hellyer

Knox Council has been developing a Future Directions Plan for Koolunga Native Reserve, and is asking for community input.

As many know, last year the council announced plans to introduce a new wetland area at Koolunga. As part of the plan, a wetland area would be introduced to help filter stormwater runoff before it enters Blind Creek waterway. This will help to prevent flooding. The wetlands would also include the addition of new plant life to help improve diversity, as well as aquatic wetland plants to provide safe breeding areas for fish, turtles, birds and frogs.

This announcement was met with opposition from many in the community who wish to see Koolunga Reserve and its open grass areas preserved. Since then, the council has held a series of community consultation sessions, and recently released their initial Community Engagement and Values Report in relation to the proposed changes.

The report shows feedback on Koolunga providing a balance of open space, recreation and biodiversity values. There is a preference expressed for protecting that balance without significant change, and avoiding the addition of new infrastructure that will reduce the open space.

The Future Directions Plan is currently being drafted, and will be released on 22nd June. There will also be further opportunities for community consultation through July. To find out more, visit the Knox Council website here.