Corona Craziness

It seems we’re all now waking up to this new reality, this new corona world. Every day is different, everything is continually changing and each day the updates keep coming in thick and fast.

They’re saying this could be our new ‘normal’ for the next 6 – 12 months.

Everything is different now. And everybody’s all in this together, on a very global scale – as much as we’re all scared about it.

But I think hopefully it’s causing everyone to slow down and reflect, to put things into perspective. What are we all so busy for? What are we rushing for?

It’s waking us all up to the things we’ve taken for granted and, when it comes down to it, making us realise just how little we actually need in order to survive (in spite of all the current panic buying).

Mostly I feel alright, so long as I stay away from the supermarkets, and limit how much radio, news and media I consume. Similar to the bushfires earlier this year, you can start to feel overwhelmed very quickly depending on how much news you’re bombarded with. A week ago I did start to feel fairly hopeless, but things seem to be a bit more controlled and positive now that we know what we’re working with (though they do say things are yet to hit their peak. Winter is coming).

It’s a tricky balance to keep, this balance between wanting to stay connected and informed, and wanting to distance yourself when it all starts to get a bit much.

But in the meantime there are still books, and reading and stories; drawing; gardening; reflecting. There will always be these things. And reaching out, staying in touch with the people that we love, small acts of kindness, and looking out for one another.