Begin Again

I haven’t felt this light, this optimistic and peaceful going into a new year as I have now in a long time.

This year I have moved into a new space, my own space. Things have come full circle, and I have returned to the Gully once more.

I have possums running on my roof. I have flowers, I have gum trees. There is a train running along in the distance. And I have my hammock, from which I can stare up into the sky on a clear day. I can sit under the trees and watch the seasons.

I have space and time to reflect. I am peaceful, and it’s taken me a while to get here.

I probably get the most emotional when I come out into the garden. This is my patch of space, for growing. This I have to myself.

There is no need for rushing. I am content with this. There does not need to be more than this. There is just now.

Whatever comes, it is going to be alright. I am going to be alright.

This is where I begin again.