Free-to-air Dreamtime

New TV Station gives Indigenous Australia a Louder Voice In half an hour Australian history will be made with a new free-to-air TV station set to launch

Midwives walk for Oxfam

It takes an extraordinary kind of person to be a nurse – to work tirelessly day in and day out, constantly giving to others.

Little Library goes a long way

It’s amazing the ways in which people can be brought together – usually, by the simplest of ideas.

Dark Days for TAFE

First job cuts in the newspaper industry, now writing courses are being cut as well.

New Beginnings

It’s funny how some days pass without anything changing, yet other days that start out so normally go on to change everything.

New News

With uncertainty over the fate of the news journalism industry currently hanging thick in the air, this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival had some big issues to address.