Time’s Up

Hollywood’s ‘Time’s Up’ campaign against abuse, sexism and sexual harassment gained a lot of attention this week at the Golden Globes

Thank you to The Australia Times

After 4 years, I am saddened this week to have seen the final editions of TAT Fiction and TAT Unearthed Fiction Magazines.

On Writing

Writing. Writing is not about sitting at a desk with pen and paper.

Books on the Rail

Hundreds of books are being set free on Melbourne’s public transport network as part of a new book-swapping initiative

‘Literally’, My Pet Peeve

In recent years, ‘literally’ has become one of the most misused, overused words in the English language.

‘Renewal’ – TAT Fiction

After two and a half years – and thirty editions! – here it is, my final edition as Editor of the TAT Fiction Magazine!